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Chris Tucker

Christopher "Chris" Tucker (born August 31, 1971) is an American actor and comedian. He played Smokey in Friday but has become better known for playing FBI Detective Carter in the Rush Hour film trilogy, as while the Friday trilogy could only cast him in their first film.

He was requested to return in the sequels, but Tucker's newfound religious beliefs as a born-again Christian made him turn down reprising Smokey in both sequels. On the contrary, John Witherspoon claimed that Tucker turned down the sequels because of insufficient pay (only $5,000 to star in the movie).

Chris Tucker has become famous for his financial problems after Rush Hour 3. He reportedly owed millions in taxes to the IRS. He also had difficulty finding employment after Rush Hour 3 until Silver Linings Playbook and starting his own stand-up comedy event. Tucker claims he's enthusiastic for Rush Hour 4 and claimed it may happen soon.

Unlike what rumors say, Chris Tucker did not agree to return in Last Friday as Smokey in spite of Ice Cube stating he desired for Tucker to make his return. Had Tucker agreed to return, the film could have been about Craig breaking Smokey out of rehab.