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Damon in Friday A fter Next

Damon Pearly (played by Terry Crews) is a minor antagonist of the third movie, Friday After Next. He appears to be the replacement for Deebo who didn't appear as Damon is also muscular and an antagonist for Craig.

Friday After NextEdit

Damon is a muscular man and ex-convict who went to federal prison for 12 years for some serious crime. He shared a cell with Craig and Day-Day and constantly harassed them by making them do his laundry, except Craig and Day-Day got a much shorter sentence and were released earlier, much to Damon's anger. Having been in prison for too long, Damon became gay and a sexual predator.

Damon first appears threatening to kill (or maybe rape) Craig and Day-Day if they don't give his apartment manager mom the rent money on time, but later he attends Craig and Day-Day's "rent party" not even threatening them at all, only to party and have fun. He attempted to rape Money Mike in Craig's bathroom at the party. Money Mike uses pliers he found behind the toilet to squeeze his nuts. He chases Money Mike and is said to eternally chase him at the end of the movie.

Last FridayEdit

Given Terry Crews stated he would return for the 4th Friday movie, Damon might make an appearance in Last Friday.