Donna (played by K.D. Aubert) is the girlfriend of Money Mike in Friday After Next, and works at the Pimps & Hoes shop. She really doesn't have a strong relationship with Money Mike because of his constant complaints towards her. She is Craig and Day-Day's crush. And she is fine af.

Next FridayEdit

While snow spraying a snowman on the shop glass window, Craig approached her, introducing himself and asked her what kind of stuff they sell in the shop. Minutes later Day-Day jumps into their conversation and he just came to confront her to tell her it's not her booty it's her beauty. Almost getting robbed at the shop by two people, Money Mike complains to Donna about not hearing nothing when they were getting robbed at the store. Later she and Money Mike comes to the rent party at Craig and Day-Day's apartment.

At the party Craig and Donna go inside a room, having some conversations and just seconds away from kissing each other until Day-Day barge into the room ruining Craig and Donna's moment together. During the end Money Mike tells Donna to wait for him in the car. Day-Day tries to give Donna his number only to decline on his reception and turns to Craig, telling him to call her. On the other hand while Money Mike still has the pliers on Damon's testies, Craig makes a countdown from making Damon free from getting his testies squeezed and after Money Mike let go of the pliers, Donna drives off and leaves him, making Money Mike run for his life, being chased by Damon. In the end of the movie it was revealed that Craig brings Donna back to the rent party at his apartment and smashed, with no disturbance from Day-Day.