Ezal (played by Anthony Johnson) is a poor,homeless

Ezal in Friday

African-American individual living in South Central, Los Angeles. He is known as the town crack-head, and scrapes up 2 dollars every day just to buy himself a 40.


Ezal is first seen (not including the alternative intro to Friday running down the street with two stolen boxes) when Smokey arrives at the store to pick-up a carton of cigarettes for his mother. Ezal is willing to do anything for some money, which includes faking a fall in the liquor store and demanding $150,000 in compensation, and offering to clean Smokey's Ford Pinto. When he arrives to clean Smokey's car, he sees Smokey taking a dump around the side of his house since his mom would'nt open the door. Ezal makes fun of him saying things like "Smokey you been eating corn huh" before offering to clean it all up for 2 dollars. Later, he is seen stealing some of Pastor Clever's clothes since Mr.Parker threw them onto his garden after he found Pastor having sex with his wife. Then, a few hours later, Ezal sees a window open and decides to climb throgh, not knowing that Smoke was in their aswell getting money out of Deebo's trousers to pay Big Worm. He interupts Smokey and after making too much noise they both have to quickly get out of there. Smokey being unsuccessful in getting the money, is angry at Ezal and tries to get him but Ezal is too fast and runs away. He is lastly seen after Craig Jones beats Deebo up, telling him to get up before stealing Deebo's shoes and handing him the knife Deebo gave him to hold onto while he fought Craig, announcing "I steal, I don't kill."

Last FridayEdit

Ezal will most likely appear in Last Friday.


  • Ezal was originally supposed to appear in Next Friday chained next to Deebo, but as replaced with his little brother, Tyrone