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Baby Joker (Brother)
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Karla Joker (Sister)
Hector (Cousin)


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Joker (Played by Jacob Vargas) is the main antagonist of the film Next Friday. He is the next door neighbor of Day Day and Uncle Elroy, and lives with his brothers Baby Joker and Lil' Joker and his sister Karla Joker. He is hinted to be related to Hector.

Next FridayEdit

Joker and his brothers are the main antagonists in this movie(a similar role to Big Worm). He runs over and breaks Roach's skateboard, and tells Roach to take him to Judge Judy. After spotting Craig flirting with his sister, Karla, Joker sics his dog Chico on Craig, who climbs on top of Day Day's car and attempts to hit the dog with a belt. He and Day Day also notice him holding a hydraulic pump which is later discovered to contain money from their drug dealings(which Mrs. Ho-Kym had always suspected).

It was revealed by Karla that before Joker and her brothers got out, the neighborhood in Rancho Cucamonga was peaceful. Once they got out of jail, they took over their home and are the direct cause of their parents mental breakdown. Karla and their parents always saved up money and moved away to avoid Joker and his brothers, but it just encouraged them to follow them to heir new home.

Joker and his brothers kidnaps Day Day and Roach when Day Day gets worried about Craig's prologned absence, under the ruse that he needs sugar. When Craig finds out, he, Willie and Uncle Elroy go on a rescue mission where they manage to subdue Baby Joker and Lil' Joker. Joker is the only brother not to be subdued in the rescue mission and finally corners Craig, Day Day, and Roach with an automatic rifle. He's finally subdued by Deebo, who hits him from behind and knocks him out. Joker is seen arrested alongside his brothers with Deebo and Tyrone.

Last FridayEdit

Joker and his brothers are slated to return under the employ of Big Worm as they try to stop his money being stolen.