Karla Joker, played by Lisa Rodriguez, is the younger sister of the Joker brothers. She is often disappointed with their behavior because they are the direct cause of their parents' stress. Karla was a brief pretend love interest for Craig before he went back to South Central.

Next FridayEdit

Karla is introduced as the sweet sensible sister of the Joker brothers. She and Craig immediately got along, but her jealous eldest brother, Joker sicked Chico after him. Later on, Craig manages to steal from the brothers so he can help Day Day and Elroy pay their taxes and keep their house. He makes a visit to Karla's room and sees her. During that time, she reveals everything to Craig about her disappointment with her older brothers. Rancho Cucamonga used to be a peaceful neighborhood and her family got along with their neighbors well. Karla reveals when her brothers got out of jail, they took over the house and caused her parents' mental breakdown. She also tells Craig that they tried to get away from her brothers as an attempt to get them to change their attitudes and go back to jail to be responsibile adults. However, it only encouraged Joker and the brothers to follow them to their new home. Karla is shown to be disappointed with her brothers more when she sees them take Day Day and Roach hotstage, before going to visit her parents. She was last seen watching Craig leave for South Central.