Money Mike (played by Katt Williams) is a pimp who dresses in stereotypical pimp clothing and owns "Pimps and Ho's", a clothing store made for pimps and hoes.

Money Mike

]]r pimps and hookers. He is on very good terms with Craig and Day Day as he helps them hide from the grandsons of the angry carolers Day Day annoyed. He becomes tight with them after they save his store from being robbed he brings out a razor and almost cuts the robbers with it and one of them threatens to sue him, until Craig and Day Day stop him from doing so. He is almost raped by Damon, but uses a pair of pliers to squeeze Damon's 'nuts'. He is chased by Damon at the end of Friday After Next. However, Craig states in the film's epilogue that Money Mike is still being chased around the neighborhood to this very day implying that the chase will never end.

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