Ms. Pearly Is the manager of Craig And Day-day apartment building Shady Palms. At the Beginning of the movie she says that if they don't give her the rent money, then she will force to get here son Damon Pearly on them and he is the one who runs into Craig and day-day on their way to the Security Jobs at Bros Barbaque.

In The Middle of the movie, she goes into Craig And Day-Day apartment looking for them but she goes in Craig's Room and Finds a box Fill of weed and when she bents down to take the weed Chico, The Apartment dog who lives with craig and dayday and also was the white boy gang pet dog in Next Friday, comes from under the cover and bites her in the booty.

At The Ending of the movie, During Craig and Day-Day's Rent Party goes down stairs while Damon Pearly is in the Bathroom Raping Money Mike and Ask Ms. Pearly If You Can us her bathroom and Back at the party, Craig Mother Betty Jones ask where is he and goes down stairs. Meanwhile, He comes out the bathroom then she grabs his testicles and he's on top of her and Then Betty Bust in and pulls Ms.Pearly Hair and Whoops Willie with a Pillow and says she's calling the police and Slams The Door.