Pinky in Next Friday




Owner of Pinky's Record Store


Day Day


C.W. (Cab Driver)


Santa Claus(homeless man)

First Appearance

Next Friday

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Friday After Next

Pinky (played by Clifton Powell) is the owner of Pinky's record store and the boss of Day Day and Roach in Next Friday. The character loves the color pink (Donning pink outfits and even having a pink limousine) as well as very greasy hair.

Next FridayEdit

Pinky comes into the record shop while Craig, Day Day, and Roach are getting high. Mistaking Craig for a robber, he holds him at gunpoint and refuses to let Craig explain that he is Day-Day's cousin, telling him to shut up each time. After Craig turns the tables on Pinky and grabs the gun, Craig holds Pinky at gunpoint and he begins pleading for his life, revealing that Pinky is having an affair on his wife. Craig finally gets a chance to explain, but Pinky blames Day-Day and Roach for the incident and fires them both.

Friday After NextEdit

In this movie, Pinky has become good friends with Craig and Day Day. Pinky also frequently apologizes for the incident at the record store each time Craig hangs out with him. Pinky attends Craig and Day-Day's party and brings along three women for Craig, something he says is better than money. At the end of the movie, he accidentally hits the Santa Claus with his limousine, and scolds his driver, threatening to fire him should he ever run over one more person.

This allows Craig and Day-Day to finally catch up to Santa then tie him up to a roof and retrieve their briefly-missed belongings.