• Scene 1: Fight on the streets: Investigate Deebo who is being a bully to stand up for yourself.
  • Scene 2: Five Years: Go to the Jail and release Deebo and apologize.

Willie JonesEdit

  • Scene 3: The Meet: Start a meet with Elroy and Day-Day Jones.


  • Scene 4: The Rematch: Start a rematch with Deebo.

Willie JonesEdit

  • Scene 5: Locate: Locate Tyrone and Tell Willie to drive off.
  • Scene 6: Life story: Tell the life story to Willie.


  • Scene 7: Claim: Meet D'Wanna and Day Day.
  • Scene 8: Chemical: Stop D'Wana.

Day Day JonesEdit

  • Scene 9: Lottery Ticket: Win the lottery.
  • Scene 10: May Craig Win: Take the taxes and meet Day Day Jones at his BMW.
  • Scene 11: Permanent Record Wrecker: Find the record for Day Day Jones.
  • Scene 12: Mexican Thugs: Find the Mexican thugs and kill them.
  • Scene 13: Bugged: Make sure to stay away from Karla.
  • Scene 14: Friend/Co Worker: Meet Coworker named Roach.


  • Scene 15: Find Day Day.
  • Scene 16: Rob Pinky's store and rob him.
  • Scene 17: Inform Day Day and Roach about Pinky.

Day Day JonesEdit

  • Scene 18: Unpaid Tax: Find the taxes that are unpaid to know Day Day is upset at Craig.
  • Scene 19: Cadillac: Find Cadillac.
  • Scene 20: Joker's Pump: Go to the pump from Joker's Trunk.
  • Scene 21: Deep Inside: Find the deeper inside of the trunk.
  • Scene 22: Joker's Home: Go into the Joker's house to find the hydraulic pump for yourself.


  • Scene 23: Finder: Go into Karla's room to impersonate her.
  • Scene 24: The Brother's: Keep the clean street of Los Angeles.
  • Scene 25: Mental: Know the mental breakdown.
  • Scene 26: Entourage: Encourage her brothers.

Day Day JonesEdit

  • Scene 27: Absent: Find the prolonged absence.
  • Scene 28: Rifles: Kill the Brothers with the rifle who put you in Hostage.
  • Scene 29: Rescue Mission: Go to the rescue mission with Willie and Elroy.


  • Scene 30: Give the fight by Joker and then Eliminate him.

Day Day JonesEdit

  • Scene 31: Automatic: Kill the three brothers and eliminate Joker.


  • Scene 32: Enact: Kill Joker.


  • Scene 33: Kill Chico and escape Tyrone.

Craig JonesEdit

  • Scene 34: Arrest Deebo and Tyrone and the Joker brothers

Day Day JonesEdit

  • Scene 35: Help the hydraulic pump with Roach and Say Day Jones.


  • Scene 36: Return to South Central: Craig Jones returns to South Central and then meets Day Day and Roach and then finds Elroy and D'Wana and Baby D.