Next Friday The Jokers

The Jokers are a group of three Hispanic brothers who serve as the antagonists in Next Friday. They were introduced as the next door neighbors of Day Day. They tried to kill him, Craig and Roach, but got foiled by Craig's nemesis, Deebo and his little brother, Tyrone whom both had just arrived in time in Rancho Cucamonga. They got sent to jail at the end of the film with Deebo and Tyrone.

The Jokers are lead by their oldest brother, Joker (who serves as the main antagonist), followed by Lil' Joker and Baby Joker. They have a sister named Karla whom is displeased with their drug dealings and other criminal activities. The brothers are the direct cause of their parents mental breakdown. They own an English bull dog named Chico, which Joker often abuses him by getting him high with drugs (Chico was soon owned by Roach and later by both Craig and Day Day). The brothers' illegal activities are confirmed by their neighbor Mrs. Ho-Kym who pays attention around the neighborhood.