Uncle Elroy
Uncle Elroy
Uncle Elroy in Next Friday




Co-owner of "Bros. BBQ"


Unnamed Mom
William "Willie" Jones(Brother)
Day Day Jones (Son)
Craig (Nephew)
Dana (Niece)
Betty Jones (Sister-in-law)


Unnamed Wife
Auntie Shuga (Ex-girlfriend)
Ashley Nicole (Girlfriend)


First Appearance

Next Friday

Last Appearance

Friday After Next

Uncle Elroy (played by Don "D.C." Curry) is the sex-crazed uncle of Craig and Day-Day, and the brother of William "Willie" Jones. He appears in Next Friday and Friday After Next.

Next FridayEdit

After Elroy wins the lottery, his wife dies from a heart attack from excitment, and Elroy moves himself and Day Day to Rancho Cucamonga. Elroy has a new girlfriend named Shuga and begins to wear fancier clothing such as Versace. However, Elroy loses most of his money due to taxes being taken from their winnings, only being left with their house and Day Day's BMW and Day Day attempts to support the family through his job at Pinky's record store. Later on, Day-Day told him what happened and when Day-Day got fired, he beats him with a belt. Elroy, Willie, and Craig have to rescue Day Day and Roach from the Joker Brothers, which results in Elroy throwing out his back after tackling Lil' Joker to the ground. The money Craig and Day Day take from the hydraulic pump at the end of the film is enough money for Day Day and Elroy to pay their debts and keep the house.

Friday After NextEdit

In this film, Elroy and Willie now are co-owners of their barbecue restaurant named "Bros. BBQ's". Elroy is no longer with Shuga but is instead dating her sister Cookie, who works as a waitress in the restaurant. He dress up as a reindeer for the kids to pet him; which he hates. When the kids begin kicking him, he begins spanking them with his belt.